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Quality Policy:
scientific management, careful production, a PCB / FPC production brand services! Customer needs is our eternal pursuit of HongTai!
Business philosophy:
◎ scientific and technological innovation, honesty
◎ efforts, rapid response, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction!
The quality of ideas:
◎ have to make the high-quality product awareness!
◎ defective product is a waste!
◎ character product, the product embodies the character, the product is a character!
Team concept:
◎ Fighting, Wing and scale new heights.
◎ business-to-business competition is a team competition, team competition and the overall capacity of the team competition.
Learning concept:
◎ capacity and ability to learn from our competition is the competition.
◎ competitiveness depends on innovation capability, innovation depends on the learning ability.
◎ our only competitive advantage is better than our competitors, we learn faster and learn more and learn better! Learning ahead of time to plan to finish testing, use of after school.
◎ study the mentality of the three:
    Humble attitude of mind a long time, studying and learning the attitude!
HongTai embodied the spirit of the five sentences:
* There is no perfect person, only perfect team;
* The strength of all-conquering team;
* Is always better than single-handedly combat team;
* To other people as things become absolutely impossible;
* The other thing that is very simple perseverance to stick to it.
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